Like I may have mentioned, y’all, I’m cheap. I am so cheap that to me, paying for an iced coffee at McDonald’s is tantamount to SETTING MONEY ON FIRE. That’s two whole dollars I could have kept in the bank, where with the magic of compound interest they could turn into $4,329,317.39 by the time I retire!

Er. Anyway, the point was, you can make a delicious McCafe-esque iced vanilla coffee in your very own home. It is easy, and it is cheap. Here is what you do.

Make your coffee however it is you make your coffee. I prefer a French press; for the coffee, I use something my German stepmom-in-law bought for me because she did not want me to have to suffer the indignity of American coffee for even one more day. Apparently it is both Mild and Elegant. In real life, it is also less blurry.


Put ice in a glass. (Bonus points if Whole Foods happened to be giving out glasses for no reason one day when you were walking past. FREE GLASS!) Add about yay much vanilla syrup. (Vanilla syrup: make simple syrup with equal parts water and sugar, then stir in about a tablespoon of vanilla extract per cup. More if you like lots of vanilla flavor, less if you don’t. Whatever works for you.)


Add some milk to that sucker. Or cream if cream is your thing, I suppose, though I haven’t tried that. Seems like it would be really rich. But I won’t judge you if you do.


Finally, add coffee. It might look like there’s no room for coffee with all the milk and syrup, but this is untrue; the hot coffee will melt the ice and it will magically make room for itself, through science. Stir it up, and you are golden (and caffeinated).

I really have no idea what this would cost, but since I use cheap coffee and free vanilla (coupons, yo!), I’ll call it maybe 75 cents. Voila, you have saved a dollar twenty-five, plus you have avoided getting in your car and driving to McDonald’s, which in my opinion is pretty much priceless.