My fellow Kitchen Dorks are ladies of grace and refinement. They make beautifully lit hummus, gorgeous sorbet, delectable pies, and (inexplicably) small cakes shaped like bugs. Me, not so much. For better or worse, I am one cheap cook, and I am here with my wobbly camera and my generic spices to show you how to make The 43-Cent Burrito.


This is all you need. The black beans and rice were made ahead, for a previous batch of 43-Cent Burritos; I used a 99-cent bag of black beans and four cups of white rice, which I got for 19 cents a bag with my mad coupon skillz. So we’ll call that 60 cents’ worth of beans and rice. I don’t pay more than $2 for a bag of shredded cheese, so we’re up to $2.60 there. The tortillas were $1.69 for 10, so that’s $4.29, and that’s about it. For the purpose of argument we will assume you already have garlic powder and chili powder at your house, in addition to aluminum foil.

Here is what you do. It is, of course, ridiculously simple. Put a tortilla on some aluminum foil. Add a handful of beans and rice to the tortilla, and sprinkle cheese on top (read: add a large amount of cheese after sampling said cheese, perhaps more than once, to ensure it is truly delicious cheese). Sprinkle garlic powder and chili powder on top of all that. Do not skip this step, as it elevates the 43-Cent Burrito into a true thing of beauty (taste-wise, if not vision-wise).


Next, you just want to wrap that sucker up and repeat until all the tortillas have been used. Bonus step for the exceptionally cheap: You can reuse the beans and rice bag to store the completed burritos in. Trust me, it’s not icky.


You can freeze these for … well, I’m not sure for how long, because I tend to nom them up within a week or so and then immediately make more. I use them for work lunches; just grab one out of the freezer, microwave for about three minutes, add some salsa and a dab of sour cream, and it’s deliciousness on a platter.


Makes a perfect Sunday brunch to eat while scanning the newspaper for coupons, which incidentally is what I am about to go and do.

Total cost per burrito (not counting salsa and sour cream): 43 cents.