Step 1: Before you leave for work, tell your husband, “Man, I’d love meatball subs tonight.”

Step 2: Return home after work; express delight when a plate like the one above is put before you.

The details, such as they are: He used bread crumbs (homemade!), Worcestershire sauce, and garlic salt for the meatballs, and toasted the bread pre-ball-insertion (heh, heh) in the oven with some mozzarella cheese. Also, I ate way too much.

Cost (because I gotta): Six rolls were $2.40, so 40 cents for the roll; perhaps another 50 cents’ worth of cheese; the meat was no more than $1 and we got two and a half subs out of it; marinara sauce, about 50 cents’ worth; spices and bread crumbs, negligible. So I give you, the approximately $2 meatball sub of deliciousness!

You will, however, have to invest pretty heavily in a supply of paper towels if you want to enjoy this one. It may cancel out the cheapness factor, but you’ll be so well-fed you won’t care.